In a modern digital world, sports rights holders have to become more sophisticated when dealing with commercial partners. It’s no longer enough for a brand to be a shirt sponsor, a logo on a website or just participate in a pure branding experience in order to be successful.
Brands want ways to access consumers – how do they activate digitally, drive purchase intent and measure that ROI?

Digital Transformation Strategydetails

Our technology platform helps rights holders and brands to effectively activate their sponsorships digitally by creating a tangible ROI strategy.

Project Managementdetails

TGI is guiding rights holders throughout the digital transformation process.


TGI has the ability to ensure proof of concept along with a proper ROI strategy. Beyond that, we also offer our services to help our clients deliver on the strategy with their commercial partners.

Brand Workshopsdetails

As part of the implementation process, TGI will host a number of workshops with our clients and their commercial partners to make sure all parties maximize the commercial output.